What A Meeting Room Should Have

What A Meeting Room Should Have

Smart meeting rooms are familiar to us, in the world, even though the average private office has used this technology, the government has used it and even has a command center. Therefore, the concept of meeting rooms based on audio-visual technology from audio visual dallas is selling well at present coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only does it create a new work atmosphere, but employees or staff can also connect easily even though they are different distances or offices.

The discussion in terms of the interior of the meeting room can also affect the employees and other staff. What things should usually be in a smart meeting room in general. Called a smart meeting room, it is certain that there are adequate audio and visual devices to be called a smart meeting room, and everything will be integrated into one hardware and software system. The room temperature is too cold or too hot or too dark and bright will make the meeting room uncomfortable and uncomfortable, so with automatic settings all these things can adjust

Being in a meeting room, the first thing to consider is the need for a table, round or U-shaped model aimed at listening to presentations. But now many meeting rooms use a more relaxed design, only using a sofa depending on needs. After everything we know about the smart meeting room concept, ideally, a smart meeting room should have the following equipment:

1. A wireless or cordless presentation system. Equipment with this technology is specifically designed for the design of meeting rooms and conference rooms. The presentation system without cables makes the room design look neater without visible cable lines.

2. Smart whiteboards. Manual whiteboards using markers have been replaced with digital whiteboards or called smart whiteboards, this technology ensures that activities in discussions become more effective.

3. Microphone and video conferencing set. One of the smart meeting rooms is the video conference set because its function is to facilitate communication or long-distance discussions with business partners or other staff in the company’s branches.

4. Integrated system control. A core tool to control all sets of audio-visual equipment in the meeting room, such as projectors, presentation systems, led displays, audio mixers, and other automated equipment.

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