This Is How To Identify The Authenticity And Characteristics Of Diamonds

Not everyone can distinguish between real and fake diamonds. Only trained and experienced people can recognize the authenticity of a diamond. From various sources, it is explained that real diamonds will give off a white or gray light when the diamond experiences light reflection. Besides, real diamonds will not reflect colorful lights while the reflected light makes objects behind the diamond invisible. Apart from that, if you need a diamond ring for your engagement, we suggest you check out custom engagement rings.

Real diamond properties:

Strong: Diamonds have a tough and sturdy texture. Diamonds also don’t crack or break easily.

Non-Moisture: Real diamonds should not condense when you exhale the surface of the diamond.

Not Easily Scratched: Real diamonds will not be scratched easily when you rub against other objects.

Doesn’t Sink: The fake diamond will float when you put it in the water. Meanwhile, real diamonds will sink to the bottom of the water. However, this only applies to diamond stones, not diamonds that have become jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and so on.

Heat Resistance: Real diamonds have a fairly high degree of heat resistance. So it is not easily crushed or melted when exposed to heat.

To get to know more about diamond characteristics, diamond lovers often share it with 4C, namely Color, Cut, Carat, Clarity. You must understand these four things if you want to invest in diamonds. These characteristics can become the basic principles of investment.


The color or color of the diamond will determine its beauty value and price.


The clarity or clarity of a diamond greatly affects the sale value of the diamond itself. Clarity means that the diamond is not damaged, scuffed, or scratched.


The carat or weight unit affects the value of the diamond itself. However, this unit of measure is not in carats as in gold.

Carat in gold denotes its purity, while diamonds the bigger the size, the higher the carat, and the price is more expensive.

Cut in terms of diamond lovers is the cut of the diamond itself. The cut of the diamond will affect how the diamond reflects light to create its charm.

Therefore, the cut diamond must be precise so that it produces a good light reflection.

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