The Military Diet Is Not An Impossible Thing To Do

The latest natural diet method, called the 3-day military diet, is claimed to help lose weight up to 5 kg in less than one week. Many Korean artists apply the diet to maintain an ideal weight, one of which is IU. Among K-pop lovers, you may be familiar with IU’s super strict diet. You know, starting from the menu of foods that can be consumed, the effects on the body, to the results obtained are fairly extreme. But this military diet substitute for tuna is still practiced by teenagers because of its fast process and significant weight loss.

The military diet is still considered safe if not done in the long term. If done for the long term, it is feared that it can cause malnutrition in the body and trigger other health problems. In addition, a strict diet that is run continuously will not be effective in losing weight. It actually makes the weight become ‘yo-yo’, which is easy to go down but fast to go up. Not many scientific studies have also proven the success of the military diet. Even so, in the short term, the military diet does have the potential to lose weight. Because, this military diet limits the calories that enter the body. To lose weight in a short time, a military diet can help.

After dieting for 3 days, then in the next 4 days you can rest and eat as usual. It’s just that, during this rest period, Moms are still encouraged to eat healthy foods. Examples of foods that can be consumed while on this diet include:
Lean meat
Black coffee

Meanwhile, these types of intakes need to be avoided:
Add milk or cream to coffee

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