Stuff to Know About Cypress, Texas

It’s not just the top-notch schools and charming neighborhoods that make Cypress, Texas, such a terrific place to live. In addition, you should be aware of a few fascinating facts about this city. So please have a seat as I walk you through some of Cypress’s exciting points. And, if you are looking for a commercial pressure washing service, you can find more about commercial power washing options at

Did you know that the giant sculpture built entirely of recycled materials is located in Cypress, the first city on the list? “The Great Egret” is a 30-foot-tall sculpture wholly created of recycled metal in the Towne Lake neighborhood. It’s beautiful to see and serves as a wonderful reminder of how important recycling is.

The biggest skatepark in Texas is located in Cypress, the next point. With more than 40,000 square feet of skating space, the park at the Berry Center is the ideal place for skateboarders, BMX riders, and inline skaters to display their prowess.

The biggest master-planned community in Texas is located in Cypress, which ranks third on our list. Bridgeland is an 11,400-acre neighborhood with various amenities like parks, lakes, leisure areas, and more. It should be no surprise that young professionals and families like visiting this location.

The biggest farmers market in the state is also located in Cypress, which brings us to the end of the list. For foodies and anyone who want to support regional farmers, the Cypress Farmers Market is the ideal place because it has a large selection of products that are made locally.

Finally, Cypress, Texas, has a lot to offer, and this city is much larger than it first appears. Cypress is full of surprises, from the enormous recycled-materials sculpture to the biggest skatepark in Texas. So the next time you’re in the region, check out these interesting facts and learn about the city’s secret attractions.

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