Roof Insulation, Heat Insulation For Your Dream Home

Have you ever thought that what makes the indoor temperature even worse is the roof of the house you are using? Yes, the roof can be the cause as well because maybe the material is able to absorb heat. The heat is transferred to the space below so that the air temperature increases. As a result, you sweat quickly and are uncomfortable when resting. Get the best home insulation company on our website.

The solution to this problem is to use roof insulation. What is roof insulation? Let’s see together below.

Roof insulation is known as an object that serves to reduce the heat from the roof. The presence of roof insulation makes the room below it cooler than usual. You can attach roof insulation to the top of the roof directly. If under the roof there is another layer that protects the room, you can stick it on that layer. Not only does it reduce heat, but roof insulation also functions as a sound absorber in the room at home. For example, roof insulation can reduce the volume of the sound of raindrops hitting the roof.

In insulating the roof, the most widely sold type of insulation on the market is aluminum foil thermal insulation. This thermal insulation sheet consists of two main layers that collaborate with each other in reducing heat. The first layer is the aluminum foil itself. The function of this layer is to reflect the sun’s heat up to 97% which makes the heat in the room reduced by up to 45%. Also, this layer is able to reduce sound up to 7 dB.

The second layer is a hollow layer. This layer consists of three choices of materials that can be used, namely polyethylene, bubble pack, and glass wool. Polyethylene material is better at reducing the sound of rainwater from the sky, while bubble pack material is good at reducing hot temperatures.

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