Masculine Energy And Destiny Of Your Soul

Masculine Energy And Destiny Of Your Soul

In this great journey of discovery, which is the purpose of creation, two energy play a central role: masculine (male) and feminine (female) energy. The masculine or male power is outgoing, the energy of curiosity, the energy that likes adventure and wants to experience and understand everything as you can see at This is the force that laid the foundation for the emergence of time and space.

The female energy creates a sense of inner unity. Through the feminine side, man is connected with unity (One), and with the masculine side, man is connected with diversity (Many.) The feminine side is related to the inner world, and the masculine side is related to the outer world, creating real reality. The masculine energy ensures that what is unique and individual can be experienced in all things, while the female energy ensures integration and oneness. Without the female energy that integrates the individual’s unique experiences into the bigger picture, they are like lost in the night. Duality arises when living beings begin to identify too much with one side or the other.

In the current human condition, the male side is the dominant object of our identification. The result is the emergence of pressure on the female side which causes a loss of inner connectedness. Too strong a sense of ego: the ego puts itself in front of those who no longer experience the feeling of a protective mother. Then they feel small and threatened, and react by gathering as much power as possible from this universe. When women become the dominant energy, too much attention is focused on the inner world, which creates a duality with the outer world. The inner world, the spiritual world, is then seen as higher and superior to the outer reality which is full of forms of diversity and plurality. Each of you has been asked to re-examine your limitations.

And now you ask, what’s the next step now that we’re all open and shifting and expanding? Where do we take this information and apply its understanding to the plane of the earth? Each of you has been prepared for this step, letting go of the limitations of the past so that you are now consciously ready to open yourself up to the examination of the destiny of your soul.

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