Make Break’s Living Room Cheer Using Carpet Rug!

Make Break’s Living Room Cheer Using Carpet Rug!

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The main furniture in the living room is a sofa and coffee table. The presence of the sofa does make guests and homeowners feel more comfortable when sitting and chatting. But some people even like sitting on the floor or using carpet rugs because they are free, chatting time becomes more intimate, and the atmosphere becomes more cheerful.

This is not a problem as long as you can arrange the living room properly using a carpet rug. Confused? Here goes the idea for all of you!

1. A living room with bohemian-style rugs

Speaking of carpet rugs, you can’t just skip the bohemian concept. For this one concept, you need to choose a quirky coloured rug carpet-like green, red, and yellow. Do not be afraid to use 2 or 3 rugs at the same time with different colours and motifs because it will look more stylish. For added comfort, place a few small pillows and ottomans.

2. Living room with modern minimalist style carpet

Who says the use of carpet rugs is not suitable for a minimalist modern style living room and can reduce the beauty of the interior? The living room becomes comfortable and still beautiful. Tapestry rugs that are suitable for this minimalist modern style are the short-haired type with a tassel on the edges. For colour, choose one that matches the interior. Instead of using pillows, try using a bean bag as a backrest.

3. Carpet rugs for living room sitting and sitting

For guests who are elderly, sitting cross-legged will be difficult and quite tiring. If you often have guests like this, you should create a living room with a rug that can be used for sitting and providing a seat. Parents can sit comfortably, even young people can be free from the stretch under a soft pillow. Don’t forget to provide a coffee table with short legs to serve snacks and drinks.

4. Fur rugs in place of rugs

If you feel the rug carpet is less following the style of the interior of the house, it never hurts to replace the carpet with fur rugs. After all, with fur rugs, the atmosphere will be warmer and more comfortable. Guaranteed you and guests will both like to chat for long. If the living room is small, use a small fur rug that does not cover the entire surface of the floor. Thus, the living room will not look crowded.

5. Break without a carpet rug? Try using a thin mattress!

Some people are uncomfortable sitting on the carpet on a carpet because the surface is flat. Therefore, you can replace the carpet using a thin mattress that is more comfortable. Choose bed linen or plain coloured upholstery, then add pillows with a variety of motives. I was so comfortable, you might fall asleep in this living room.

6. Comfortable living room with simple rug carpet

The use of carpets for living rooms does not always have to be large and have luxurious motifs. For example, just like a carpet on a small and plain. Adjust the size of the carpet rug with the area of your living room and most importantly your feet do not feel cold when break later. Add a large pillow for lying down. This room is also suitable to be used as a reading room.

Those are some ideas from Kania. Are you ready to remodel the living room into a stretched area using a carpet to make it more cheerful and comfortable?

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