Know Anything You Can Choose Carpet Materials

Everyone certainly agrees if the carpet can make the home atmosphere more comfortable and warm. In fact, not a few people who choose the carpet carefully and carefully so that their rooms can be more comfortable and look more attractive. however, what must be considered again is the cleanliness of the carpet. Maintaining the cleanliness of the carpet is certainly a very important thing. For that, there is carpet cleaning services that will help you in the process of cleaning the carpet.

In the selection of carpets, there are also many things that must be considered. One of the things that must be taken seriously is the material from the carpet. There are several types of materials that are usually used on a carpet.

1. Silk carpet
This type of carpet is always designed with a luxurious design and has very good quality materials. No wonder the carpet is in great demand by those from established circles. This is because the price of this type of carpet is quite expensive.

2. Wool Carpet
One of the favorite carpet materials for the community is wool. This material can still in good quality up to 30 years if treated properly.

3. Polypropylene carpet
This type of carpet is suitable for those of you who have limited funds. Made from synthetic materials and has a smooth texture. Polypropylene is a plastic carpet that can be cleaned with water, but the color tends to fade quickly and the thread is easily released.

4. Leather carpets
One of the organic rugs that have been known for a long time in Indonesia. The texture is soft and gives a feeling and a warm impression in the room. Lamb and cow leather carpets are the most popular ones used. Carefully place this carpet, because it is classified as easily dirty and will be difficult to clean.

By using carpets with the right ingredients, you can get a different atmosphere in your room. This method will also make your room more attractive.

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