Instructions for Installing Infant and Toddler Car Seats

These toddler car seat installation instructions are provided below in case you need them if you’re still unsure how to install the car seat safety for your child. Until he meets the height and weight restrictions of his rear-facing seat, a youngster should always ride in a rear-facing seat. In addition, you may purchase our top-notch and diverse car seats for your beloved children by going to

Use only the seat belt or the lower anchors, never both
While the majority of guides will inform you that this has not been tested and should not be done, some parents assume that combining both ways will make their child twice as safe.

begin in the back-center position
The center of the backseat is where parents should sit, however, many cars only have LATCH connections for the side seats. As a result, parents of rear-facing children are frequently compelled to use the center seat belt, which is still secure but occasionally more difficult to apply.

Place the seat in a tight-fitting position
The seat should shift no more than an inch from side to side or front to back since a good fit on the side is preferable to a terrible fit in the center.

Position the seatbelt lock.
If a seat belt is being used in place of the lower anchors, make sure to fully extend it in order to put it into locking mode. When you install the seat, the belt will remain locked.

Set up your child
To prevent the straps from slipping off the shoulders, the harness straps holding your child in place should be tight and the chest clip placed at the child’s armpit level. Additionally, the harness straps must be inserted into the proper slots, which for rear-facers means the slots at or below the shoulders.

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