How to Perfect Frozen Pizza with a Combination Oven

How to Perfect Frozen Pizza with a Combination Oven

Frozen pizza is a well-liked go-to choice for enjoying a quick and delectable meal rotaryana. The combi oven offers a faster and more effective way to cook your favorite frozen pizza to perfection, while standard ranges can take some time to heat up. So let’s use the combi oven’s exceptional convection and steam cooking functions to get crispy crusts, gooey cheese, and uniformly cooked toppings.


Preheating the combination oven involves setting it to the proper temperature, generally around 425°F (220°C). Before putting the pizza inside, preheating, ensure the range reaches the appropriate temperature.

Use a baking sheet or pizza stone: For best results, put the frozen pizza on a baking sheet or a pizza stone that has been heated. This promotes equal heating and keeps the pizza’s bottom from getting mushy.

Pick the proper cooking mode during the cooking process: Choose the combo cooking mode to combine steam and convection capabilities. In addition to retaining the correct wetness in the pizza, this enables a crispier crust.

Adapt cooking time and temperature: As a general rule, adhere to the directions on the pizza packaging. It is advised to slightly reduce the cooking time and temperature compared to a standard oven because each combi oven varies. To make sure the pizza is done to the proper degree, oversee it.

Use the steam setting: The combi oven’s steam setting assists in retaining moisture throughout cooking and prevents the pizza from drying out. For pizzas with delicate toppings or thinner crusts, this is especially crucial.

Rotate and watch: The thickness and size of the pizza will determine if it needs to be rotated halfway during cooking. This makes sure that the entire pizza cooks uniformly and evenly. To avoid overcooking the pizza, keep a close eye on it.

Finishing touches: Allow it to rest for a few minutes once the pizza is perfectly done, then remove it from the combi oven. Allowing the cheese and toppings to settle makes it simpler to slice and eat.

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