How to do Laptop Screen Recording

How to record a Windows 10 and 7 laptop screen or screen recorder is easy to do. Windows users can use the feature to save motion on the laptop screen in the form of videos using the application and without the application. Like the screenshot method, how to record a laptop screen or a screen recorder can be used to capture activity on the screen. The screen recorder activity is saved to be used as documentation so that you don’t forget the moment. Well, Windows 10 and Windows 7 laptop users can use how to record Windows laptop screens easily and quickly. There are several ways to record Windows 10 and 7 laptop screens according to no applications to Chrome extensions or free screen recorder for windows 10.

1. How to record a laptop screen without an application
Users can use the Game Bar feature first by activating the following:
Enter the Windows menu.
Click Settings.
Click the Gaming menu.
Select GameBar.
Click On.

Here’s how to record a Windows 10 and 7 laptop screen with a laptop screen recorder:
Press Windows logo along with G.
Click the webcam icon menu.
Click the round record button to start recording.
Click the green square button to stop.
Check the recorded file in the Videos folder. Click Capture.

2. How to record a laptop screen with an application
How to record Windows 10 and 7 laptop screens can use the VLC Player application. Only, some laptops are already installed and some are not.
Download and install the VLC Player application.
Open the VLC Player application.
Click Media.
Select the Open Capture Device menu.
Click Desktop in capture mode.
Click the down arrow next to the Play icon.
Click Convert.
Set the destination of the recording file.
Click Start to start the laptop screen recording process.
Click Stop Recording to stop recording the laptop screen.

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