Here Are Some Reasons Why Car Remote Doesn’t Work

As a vehicle that is often used, the car is certainly a vehicle where you often go out and enter it. However, there are many cases where one cannot get out or even get into their own car for several reasons. Usually, this happens because the key is lost or the car key cannot function at all. For this reason, Locksmith mornington is here to help anyone who experiences the case.

Not being able to enter or leave the car itself is indeed a very feared thing. Because you could be suspected of being a thief even though you are the owner of the car. However, do you know that there are several reasons why the car key can’t function at all?

1. The key is damaged
One reason that makes the remote car not functioning is the damage to the key itself.
One characteristic of key damage is the light on the key that cannot be lit. Many things can damage the key, one of which is a car key that often falls or the remote car is often depressed.

2. The remote key battery is used up
One characteristic of the remote battery is the remote lights that do not turn on when the button is pressed.
The battery is the power source of the remote car. When the car battery has run out, immediately change the battery, so that the remote function of the car can be used again.

3. Damaged remote receiver
There are also remote components of the car that are implanted in the car. One of them is a remote receiver.
The function of the receiver is to receive waves given by the remote car. The receiver will then translate the command and will unlock the car door.
If the remote receiver is damaged, immediately repair the damage to the workshop.

4. The frequency of the remote car is interrupted
Areas with high electromagnetic waves can affect the performance of remote cars.
The area is around a radio tower, TV, or cellphone provider BTS.

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