Glass vs. Moldavite: Can You Tell the Difference?

Glass vs. Moldavite: Can You Tell the Difference?

Moldavite is a treasured gemstone for collectors and crystal enthusiasts because of its alien origins and striking green color. But how can you distinguish between real vs fake moldavite, given its appearance?

The distinctive texture of Moldavite makes it one of the most accessible materials to distinguish from glass. Due to the extreme heat and pressure, it was created under; moldavite has a rough, pitted surface. Glass, on the other hand, is usually uniformly smooth.

Moldavite can also be distinguished from glass based on its hue. For example, the distinctive green color of moldavite can range from a light forest green to a dark emerald green. The iron and other minerals in the stone are what give it this color. On the other hand, colorants are frequently added to the molten glass mixture to produce glass, which can come in a wide range of hues.

A scale can be used to determine that moldavite has a specific gravity that is lighter than glass. For example, Moldavite typically has a specific gravity of 2.3, whereas glass typically has a specific gravity of 2.5. This implies that Moldavite will weigh less than an identical-sized piece of glass.

Holding a stone up to the light will also reveal if it is glass or Moldavite. Because of its interior structure, moldavite has a unique transparency that can be observed when light travels through it. On the other side, glass is often more opaque and doesn’t let through as much light.

You can also take your stone to a gemologist or crystal specialist for additional examination if you still need to decide whether it is glass or Moldavite. They can employ sophisticated equipment and methods to ascertain the stone’s composition and place of origin.

You may tell whether your stone is a valuable specimen of Moldavite or just a piece of ordinary glass by looking at its texture, color, specific gravity, and transparency.

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