Does Moldavite Smell Like Teen Spirit? A Guide from Inner Vision Crystals

There are numerous urban legends and misconceptions about moldavite. Others think it can create gateways to other dimensions, while some claim it is an alien stone. Yet, one of the most enduring myths is that moldavite smells peculiar. Is there any basis for this assertion? We at Inner Vision Crystals are here to correct the record for you to buy moldavite.

Let’s be clear about one thing right away: moldavite is not a stinky stone. It doesn’t smell or have any aroma, and there’s no reason to think it does. Tektite, a mineral that is created when a meteorite strikes the earth’s surface and melts the surrounding rock, is what moldavite is made of, after all. Like it grows on trees or anything, it doesn’t.

So, from where did this rumor originate? Although some people have mentioned smelling their moldavite stones, the smell does not emanate from the rock. Instead, it’s most likely because of lingering oils or other compounds on the stone’s surface that, over time, absorbed and retained scents.

Yet, even if your moldavite stone does have a faint smell, you shouldn’t be concerned. It’s not a warning of anything ominous or paranormal. Instead, it’s probably an indication that past owners liked and cared for your stone.

Of course, you can do a few things to freshen up your moldavite stone if you’re still worried about the scent. First, to remove any oils or grime that could be the source of the stench, try carefully washing the stone in warm water with light soap. Then, to let it breathe and eliminate any remaining aromas, you may put the stone outside in the sun for a few hours.

Helping consumers get the most out of their moldavite stones is the company’s priority at Inner Vision Crystals. So, grab some moldavite today and discover all the excitement, and don’t let a little fragrance stand in the way of your spiritual development!

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