Crunching the Geo-Numbers: A Dive into Geofencing Analytics for Senior Care Marketing

Ah, senior care living geofencing marketing! A blend of tech and tender care that’s been the talk of the town. But let’s be honest, as impressive as the tech sounds, what really counts at the end of the day are results. How do we know our geofencing campaigns are hitting the mark? Enter the intriguing world of geofencing analytics!

Why Bother with Analytics?

Imagine throwing a party but not knowing who came, what they liked, or if they even had a good time. Sounds a bit off, right? Similarly, with geofencing campaigns, it’s essential to gauge if our digital invites are bringing in the right guests and if they’re genuinely enjoying the experience.

Metrics to Make You Smile (Or Ponder)

Entrance & Exit Counts: Simply put, how many entered and exited your geofenced zone? This gives a snapshot of your campaign’s reach.

Dwell Time: How long did they stay? If they’re lingering, perhaps your message or offerings have piqued their interest. Yay!

Engagement Rate: Of those who entered the zone, how many interacted with your campaign? Maybe they clicked on that virtual tour link or the story you shared?

Conversion Rate: The biggie! How many took that next step? Maybe they signed up for a visit, made an inquiry, or even chose to join the community.

Beyond the Basics

Feedback Surveys: Slide in a quick survey link in your geofencing messages. Real feedback provides layers of insights beyond mere numbers.

Heatmaps: Visualize where the most engagement occurs. Are there particular hotspots that resonate more with your audience?

Making Sense & Adjusting Sails

Analytics isn’t just about collecting data; it’s about understanding it. If numbers soar, great! But if not, it’s a chance to reassess. Maybe tweak the message, change the geofenced location, or offer something new.

Remember, every number has a story. It’s not just about how many clicked but understanding why they clicked. Or, for that matter, why they didn’t.

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