6 Differences Between Carpet Shampooing and Steam Cleaning

Both steam cleaning and carpet shampooing are well-known cleaning techniques. Each, however, employs distinct mechanisms. Steam cleaning uses a combination of heat and pressure to clean, whereas carpet shampooing cleans by producing foam to attract dirt. Carpet shampooing makes use of cleaning solutions or chemicals that are applied to the carpet to create foam. one of the companies that provide this service is carpet cleaning companies. However, consumer preferences and carpet type should be taken into account.

1. Chemical Utilization

Unlike carpet shampooing, which uses soap, steam cleaning does not require any cleaning chemicals. Also, the shampoo should be carefully chosen because not all soaps work well with all shampooers.

2. Time to Dry

Depending on the severity of the dirt, carpet drying time can range from 2 hours to 24 hours after shampooing. On the contrary, some carpets that have been steam cleaned may dry in less than 15 minutes.

3. Residue

When using the carpet shampooing method, completely removing the shampoo foam is difficult because the extraction process cannot remove 100% of the particles. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, is classified as “deep cleaning” because the high temperature and pressure can remove most, if not all, contaminants while leaving no chemical residue.

4. Machinery

Steam cleaning equipment is more complicated than carpet shampooing machinery because it can include nozzles, ironing brush cloths, squeegees, mop pads, fragrance discs, crevice tools, and other accessories. The products vary in size, type, power, and warranty period. Shampooers typically consist of a water compartment and suction.

5. Technician

Due to the complexities of the machinery, many people hire a technician when using the steam cleaning method. Carpet shampooing, on the other hand, can be done without the assistance of a technician.

6. Cleaning Timeframe

Shampooing a carpeted office can take up to 24 hours (or more) because the shampooer has to shoot soapy water into the carpet and suck it back up. In contrast, because steam evaporates more quickly, the entire process of steam cleaning may only take 6 hours (or less), and the carpet usually only takes 4 hours to dry.

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