3 Important Factors in Choosing a Roof for a Home!

3 Important Factors in Choosing a Roof for a Home!

Choosing a roof is important because you don’t want seepage or even leaks when the rainy season arrives.
You can entrust your roof care to the roof cleaning company around you.
Let’s look at the three important factors in choosing a roof for the following house:

1. Roof base material

The roof of the house has several basic materials that make it different.
Types of roofs include clay tiles, asphalt, zinc, concrete, glass, and several others which of course serve to protect all parts of the house from the sun’s heat and rainwater.
After knowing the type of roof, the next step is to know the quality, cost, and how to care for it.

2. Roof quality

One part of the house that guarantees the comfort and safety of the occupants is the roof of the house.
An ideal roof also reduces the risk of the building collapsing quickly. An important factor to determine the quality of the roof of the house.
Some roofing products offer guarantees that guarantee the quality of the material for a certain period, such as a 15-year durability quality guarantee.
The warranty period usually depends on the product or brand of the chosen roof.
Please consult with the contractor or come directly to the building shop to find out about the selected roofing product.

3. Treatment

An important factor in choosing a roof is also how it is maintained.
Roofs that are easy to clean and do not require special attention are steel, zinc, or clay roofs.
How to clean only requires clean water and liquid soap, all you have to do is spray water on the roof using a hose and then rub it using liquid soap until the dirt is gone.
The frequency of cleaning the roof is enough to do once or twice a year.
If in the future you can see that the color of the roof is starting to fade, then do a re-painting so that the color returns to its beauty and regains protection so that no seepage or leaks occur when it rains.

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