Strength Body, Mind and Soul Can Achieved Through Chakra Training With The Help Of Pro’s

The focus of this chakra practitioner is on the aspect of your personality that the different chakras relate to and two simple techniques to cleanse and balance them. It is important that the energy centers are clean and aligned as this allows the energy to flow freely up and down. The spine and the entire nervous system, the result is usually a sense of peace and well-being as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are directly connected to the chakra system. Tensions, negative emotions and other imbalanced energies can be released. Of the chakras that can help the human being as a whole as there is a connection between all bodies.

Since the chakras are all interconnected, working on one area affects the entire chakra system. There are many chakra practitioner techniques to cleanse, balance, and energize the chakras, but I’ll give you a few simple techniques that anyone can use. Technique One: Shake hands to clear old energy, and then rub hands vigorously together. This activates the small chakras in the hands and gets the energy moving. They can feel warm. Next, place both hands on the chakra you want to work with. Imagine universal healing energy coming into your hands as you attempt to cleanse, balance and energize the chakra in your hands happens. Continue for a few minutes or until you feel ready. Shake off the energy when you’re done. Repeat the process for the next chakra.

Second Technique: This might be easier if you are lying down. Shake your hands to clear the energy, and then rub them vigorously together. Hands, palms down, one on top of the other. Place both hands on the chakra you are working with and begin circling counterclockwise about 3 to 4 inches above the chakra. Do slow counterclockwise circles over the chakra for about a minute or two or until you feel complete? Then shake your hands to clear the energy and circle counterclockwise clockwise half the time. The clockwise direction calms and stabilizes the cleansed chakra. Repeat the same process for each chakra you cleanse. On a man, cleanse the crown chakra clockwise to clear, then counterclockwise to calm.

All other chakras are the same as described above. You can use these techniques daily or whenever you feel the need. Start with an area in which you are uncomfortable. .Each chakra has its own personality traits as described above. Look at the specific areas that are causing you discomfort, such as: B. the heart chakra. Remember that the chakras are all interconnected, so clearing one chakra affects the others as well. Clearing the chakras will strengthen your entire energy system.

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